Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8th, 2012

So this week was such an inspiring week wasnt it?

Lets go over the news before I get to conference....

There were some transfers this week. I am staying in this area for at least one more transfer....but I am training a new missionary. He is from Sao Paulo and really nice and friendly. But there is a little difficulty in that he doesnt know how to I have to help him and teach him how to read in a language that is not my own! It is really humbling and teaching me patience, so that is good. Anyway, Im still the district leader and I still love this ward, but the money situation with all the bus passes and walking is killing me, so I hope that next transfer I will be moved to another area.

Conference this weekend....wasnt it just AMAZING!?!?! 

How bout that awesome announcement from Pres Monson that young men can start serving at 18 years old and young women at 19??? Everyone here went crazy at that announcement. The youth here are so willing and wonderful. They just want to serve! (Do you hear that Paige?....hehehe) I loved Pres. Uchtdorf's talk...I love when he gave us three suggestions:

"Let us spend more time with those we love.
Let us become who God wants us to be today!"
Let us find happiness now!"

He is such an inspired man. All the talks were awesome and just what I needed to hear. I felt like this conference was the first one where I was constantly feeling the spirit and constantly learning something new. I loved when Elder Nelson said, "Ask the missionaries; They can help you." And I loved Pres Monsons talk at the priesthood session where he talked about how people can change. We can always change with God's help. I can tell, and I hope you all can tell too, that I have changed A LOT since a year ago when I was leaving on my mission. How blessed we are to live in the time we have a prophet of God that loves us and teaches us!

I love you all and hope you had a wonderful experience with conference. How blessed we truly are.

Love, Elder Spencer D Eastwood

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