Monday, February 27, 2012

good morning! 2-27-12

Hello everyone!!!

First off, yes it is true. I like cheese now. Maybe like is too strong of a word...lets say that I can HANDLE it now. I would still choose to not have it, if I have the option, but if someone gives me a plate of food with cheese on it...I will eat it and enjoy it :) Anyway....

This week was a good one! Went by about normal, not fast or slow...On Tuesday, I had my first companionship split with one of the zone leaders. He wanted to talk with me and see how I am doing. He is Brazilian and speaks NO English, so I really had to use my Portguese. It wasnt too bad. He was really patient and helped me out a lot. He really encouraged me to talk to more people than I usually do. I knocked on the most doors Ive ever knocked on that day! Unfortunately, tuesday was Carnaval, so no one was home or, if they were, they didnt want to let us in. So we only taught two lessons that day. But it was still cool. Carnaval was boring for us, cause we couldnt do anything hahaha :) But we did see a parade and walked through a park where they were having a HUGE concert and it was really loud. The Carnaval costumes are really cool, have you seen pictures of them??

The rest of the week was normal, we just tracted all day, unsuccessfully knocking on doors (no one hear is excited for us to knock on their door asking to talk about Jesus in the middle of the day). We did teach this one old man. He is catholic and wanted to hear nothing about the Book of Mormon. But, we felt like we should talk with him. So we visited him each day this week and just read bible verses with him. At the end of each lesson, we would invite him to read the BofM...he always said no. Then, on Saturday...we read about the Sermon on The Mount with him. Then we shared with him how the BofM has the Sermon on the Mount too in 3 Nephi 12-14...he was really interested then...and he agreed to read the BofM and pray about it! Que bençâo!!

On Friday, we had to go into the main city to visit the mission office so I could sign something for my visa. After that, we took another forty five minute busride to another area so my companion could do a baptismal interview. So that took most of our day. (Speaking of busrides...the buses here remind me of riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland!)

Saturday was the English class that I taught. It went really well! I taught the youth, 12-18, and they were really excited and listened and seemed to like it. Im teaching again next week. You wouldnt believe how much the children and the youth here love the missionaries! I dont want to be prideful, but the youth in the ward think I am the coolest thing ever: how I came here from America, how I speak English, how I am trying to learn Portuguese, how I testify and teach of the Gospel. they are always so happy to see is really cool!

Foods I Had This Week: I had a fried banana that was covered in hot chocolate sauce, and fried cinnamon things...SO GOOD! I also had the wonderful experience of eating beet flavored dessert was NOT so good :)

Anyway, that is all for now! Miss you, love you! But Im doing good out here! Brazil is really hot, but really a nice place to be right now :) Elder Nickel got a package from his family this week that had a package of those Betty Crocker cookies that you just need an egg and some butter to make, so we made those this morning and we have them to look forward to when we get back :)

Até próximo semana -
Love, Elder Spencer Eastwood
Alma 13:28-29

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