Monday, February 6, 2012

I Still Havent Found What Im looking For!

Hi everyone!! so this week was about the same as last week. I got letters from my family and from Grandma Beckstrom. They were both sent on the 19th of January...but we can only get mail when we go to the mission office (which is only like once a month) and we can only read it on our P days! So I read those letters today and was very happy! Thank you!

Im still struggling with the language. I can barely pick out one or two words people say...and even then, I have no idea if they are asking a question or saying a comment...and I have no idea what I should respond with. Its hard on me. i try to bear my testimony every lesson and I sometimes share a quick scripture and message after our lunches at members homes....but that is about it. It is really difficult. I cant really make friends because I cant communicate with many people and it is hard to even have fun. But I am trying my best. Really, I am! I pray all the time for help and yesterday I was fasting for Heavenly Fathers help with me learning portuguese. I dont know what else to do though. I read O Livro de Mórmon everyday for a half hour. It sort of helps with pronunciation and with my accent. But I am just going to try to stay positive.

Some good things happened this week though! We didnt have a baptism...oh yeah! I got transferred, haha, if you could call it that. I am stil in the same area, Ipiranga...i just moved houses. My new trainer is named Elder Nickel. He is from Utah too. He goes home in August and seems really homesick. He doesnt really like to work...haha....It is kind of hard because I need to rely on him for help, but he doesnt seem too excited to work! Oh well...I just have to keep trying.

We went to this members house for lunch this week and I had the weirdest meal of my life! it was chicken noodle soup...but let me tell you how she made it...She boiled some water and put six ears of corn in it. After they cooked, she poured some chicken broth in there! She let that stew for a bit, then added the chicken....feet.!! SICK! Then she gave us the soup to ´enjoy´. She gave us like three servings, and tried to give me more! I told her that I was ok because I didnt want to get least that is what I wanted to say...I actually said that I didnt want to get pregnant!! Fat and pregnant are really similar in Portuguese...after the soup she gave us milkshakes....avocado milkshakes :P She put vanilla ice cream in a blender, half a avocado..which is a lot! They are like as big as my head here! Some lemon juice and some milk and then blended it together. It tasted like guacomole and sour cream in a cup. blech!

Although, yesterday, we did get ice cream which was good! Because we rarely get ice cream reminded me of home cause mom always has some ice cream in our freezer!! Lots of things remind me of home here..actually the area really does remind me of st George! There is a lot of red sand! And everyone here has the same Honda Civics that dad has....

This week has been really windy. Its cooled down. Not a lot. I still sweat so much during the day. But it is cooler than usual. On Wednesday, we got stuck in a huge rain storm! We were waiting at a bus stop and when it started raining, there was a RIVER of muddy water all around us. It was awful! I got SOAKED and I even had an umbrella! My comp. didnt!

Well...things are going good. We are looking forward to finding new people to teach this week so we can have some baptisms. I want to learn the language is really weighing me down. I feel discouraged a lot. Several times during the day I think ´I cant do this anymore´...but always just before I want to quit...something inside me tells me to keep going. Tells me that this will just last a little longer and then I will be fine. I know that that is the Savior helping me. I know that I need his help more than I even realize. We all do. Trust in Jesus Christ and He will make all things possible for you!

I pray for eveyone each day! Please pray for me!

Mosiah 24:14

Com amor, Elder Spencer Eastwood

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