Monday, March 12, 2012

main blog email: 3/12/12

Hello!!! Its a rainy day here in Goiania...we were a little worried we wouldnt get to email, because the power went out in this area and the LAN House had NO INTERNET!!! But finally, it is up and running now, so here I am!

The bad news of the week first...our baptism date, with Fernando, well, it fell through. He decided he didnt want to stop drinking and start living the law of chastity and he doesnt want to get baptized anymore. :( But we will continue working with him. We have some members of the ward who will come with us to help him out. Also, this week, we knocked on three doors where members of a church called the Assembley of Deus lived. They just argued with us and yelled bad things at us. It was my first real bible bashing experience! One lady, I tried to tell her that we were going to leave and go somewhere else...but I made a mistake and she got REALLY ANGRY and flipped out and said that I was never going to learn the language and that I wouldnt make it here in Brazil, cause somehow she knew about the Mormon missionaries that stay here for 2 years. So that made me feel nice. NOT! But it is okay, cause our week ended on a good note!:

We marked two baptisms! One for this weekend and one for next! ANd they are both really strong investigators! One is named Silmara and the other is a 14 year old boy named Felipe. I love teaching them. The Spirit was so strong when we invited them to be baptized. How great a feeling it was when they accepted the invitations.

On Saturday, I feel like I gained about 100 pounds! We first had a HUGE lunch, and the sister in the ward made us chocolate ice cream cake and didnt want any of it left over so we each at three pieces! Then, that night, we got invited over to Silmara´s house for dinner...but, we ALREADY had a dinner appointment with another family! But, we just said yes cause we wanted to make her happy. They made SO MUCH FOOD! Then an hour after we ate there, we went to the other familys house, where they made JUST AS MUCH FOOD! We came home that night and just wanted to throw up. Oh it was bad!

Anyway. Things are going good here. Still trying to find more people to teach. A lot of our days are knocking on doors and getting rejected. It is pretty tough. But I try to keep happy. Still working on the language. Some days are better and I feel like I can talk to anyone. But other days I feel really bad about the language and dont want to talk to anyone. So please pray for me and that I will have the courage to talk to as many people as I can, the courage to talk during lessons, and the courage to open my mouth and bear my testimony.

I love you! See you next week!

-Elder Eastwood
Alma 37:37

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