Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hey everyone!!! Hope you had a good week! I had a pretty good one with another baptism! We baptized a 13 year old named Filipe, he is really cool! He is the younger brother of a recent convert and he was really excited to be baptized! He got baptized on his birthday too! it was a really special baptism. I gave the thought and the Spirit was really strong. Im glad to be a part of this work here in Goiânia...the Church has been here more than 50 years and there is only two stakes...the work is moving slow here. In Fortaleza, Brazil, where they are building the new temple, they have about 15 stakes in the city alone! So Im glad to be working here in Goiânia! The baptism was great and the confirmation was wonderful on sunday as well.

We knocked on tons of doors this week, trying to find more people to teach, but we got rejected at each of them. We did NOT teach much this week. Kind of sad. It is difficult to be rejected all the time. It really brings you down! But these are the times when I rely more on The Lord than myself. Ive been reading a lot about prayer lately, especially in Alma 34:17-29. Those are some really important scriptures!!

Today we had a barbecue for lunch with our non member neighbor...she really loves us. She bought me a whole pineapple just for myself cause she knows it is my favorite! And she always gets us a ton of Guaraná to drink cause she knows we love it too. So I am really FULL right now!

The language is about the same. I cant really tell if Im progressing or not. I am understanding and speaking a little better. Im even starting to think in Portuguese! The other day I was talking with my companion in English and i actually had to translate from Portuguese cause that was just what I was used to talking with! So my English is coming out with the Portuguese grammar rules, it is kind of funny!

Well, I will go now, but I am doing well and I hope we can find more people to teach this week! My companion is getting `trunky` which is what the missionaries call homesickness and wanting to be done with the mission haha. He got his flight plans this morning and so he knows the exact date he will be home in August. So it is kind of difficult, but everything is good.!

Até proxima semana!

-Elder Eastwood

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