Monday, April 2, 2012

So this week was just okay. My companion, Elder Nickel got transferred early on Wednesday and I got paired with a Brazilian companion named Elder Leite.

Conference was good! I unfortunately wasn’t able to see it in English, but it was cool cause I just listened to the music (the only part that was in English) and gained a real testimony of the power of the Spirit in music. I took a lot of notes too...just spiritual impressions that I felt during the four sessions. How lucky we are to have a living prophet and apostles today! I loved Pres Uchtdorfs we need to stop being jealous and judging others. We simply need to stop it. Also enjoyed Pres Eyrings two talks, the one in the session and the one at Priesthood. He is such a spiritual man. Elder Andersens talk was incredible too.... really brought the Spirit. So were Elder L Tom Perry and Elder Andersens talks...really powerful. Elder Bednar was great in the Priesthood session too. I hope I can get the conference issue Ensign in English to read them all though.... i loved all of it!!

We marked two more baptism dates this past week, for next Saturday. The members here are starting to talk to me more. The bishop calls us every now and then to talk with me and ask for my help. The youth really like to spend time with me and work with us.

So, hope things are good back home! I love you! I got a letter from the family today that I read! Parker, I loved the picture you drew of me walking down a street with no name!!

It is so true what you said about mom. She is one of the best examples to me of a true Christ like person. Her bright personality, her ability to make the best of EVERYTHING, and her ability to brighten the lives of others is so incredible. I wish every day to be more like her, because I know if I am more like her I will be more like our Savior Jesus Christ. She is such an amazing person. We are all so lucky to have her in our lives. I miss her a lot, but I pray for her and for you and the family daily.

Last night, I gave the entire lesson on the Restoration and felt like I made zero mistakes. The spirit was with me.

Thanks for the scriptures dad!

1 Nephi 1:20


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