Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 9th Email

Hey people!!! This week was okay. a pretty rough one to be honest. My companion got sent home after we talked with the mission president. Apparently, he had had some other problems as well....but all is good. I spent Tuesday in the mission office with the President as my companion! That was really cool. He talked to me, gave me some advice and counsel. Then I went back to my house with Elder Vincent from Sandy, Utah. Ive spent this week with him. I think I will be with him at least till next Monday, when the transfers are. He is really great, he has two more months than me on the mission and speaks the language really well. He helps me a lot and corrects me a lot too, which is good cause it helps me learn faster!

This week two of our baptism dates fell through...I dont know why. But it was really hard on me and discouraging. But we will work hard with them this week!!! Also, this week has been rough because my right leg has been hurting REALLY bad. It is swollen and painful...dont know why. But Im talking with the President tomorrow about it, so we will see! No worries!

I had a fun time the other day when we visited this guy my age. he got a new guitar and asked if I played. I said YES GIVE IT TO ME! I started playing One by U2 and he recognized it and started singing along....then I started too! We filmed a video of us playing and singing One, but I couldnt get it to upload on the email...Lame!!!

I got a letter from the family that was sent on February 28th...wonder why it came so late!! But it had some letters from paige, parker, tara, and carter, how awesome!!! Paige, I went to the Be the Change day one year. It was really cool. But I agree, it was difficult to hear people and their problems. Just remember how blessed we are to have such an amazing family in our lives!! i also got a package from Grandma Joyce that had a package of cookie mix in it...I will be making them this afternoon and I cant wait!! YUM!

This week I had a cool experience when I realized that I had been sent by the Lord to someone he had prepared to receive me. Remember that young woman I baptized? My first baptism? We talked with her and I asked her about her testimony, about what made her decide to get baptized. She told us that 2 years ago she had told her mom that she would never join a church unless some people knocked on her door to tell her that their church was true...and only if they had proof. Two years later, two missionaries knocked on her door and one of them was me! And we had that proof that our church is true. It is the Book of Mormon. She read it all the way through the first night and then prayed about it. She told us that her answer came the next day when I bore my testimony about the Book of Mormon. She told us the night before she had had a dream and that in my testimony I said many of the same words that were in her dream. That is when she knew it was true. How awesome!!!

Well, that is it for now....have fun this week....until next monday!
You are in my prayers always! :)

Love, Elder Eastwood
Isaiah 41:10
Helaman 5:12

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