Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18th 2012 (:

Good morning everyone!!! This week has been a really good one. had one more baptism! it was a really special baptism, we had TONS of members there and everyone was so happy and excited to be there supporting Gabriel. Afterwards we had a party and it was really fun. one of the best days of my mission so far! I am so grateful that I am here in this ward, the members are awesome and the youth just love to be with the missionaries (by the way, im speaking in church next sunday).
We are still having some trouble finding new people to teach...the days pass really slowly because all we do are knocking on doors and trying to find new people. The good thing is that all the people we have baptized are staying firm in the church. we are trying hard to work better with the members and every Wednesday night we have an activity with all the youth and members that are at the chapel;
Well, enjoy the pictures i sent! Im sorry for the short email this week....Hmmm... what more can i say? Things have been cooling down this week, but it is still hot as heck here. It is starting to get windier too! Oh and the youth in the ward all know that I love U2 so at the party saturday night, they had a huge speaker system and were playing U2 and laughing as they watched me sing and dance along to it. Also, i cut my is the shortest it has ever been and i think it is the best looking that Ive ever had it!
Love you! Thanks for all the prayers and support!
-Elder spencer eastwood

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