Friday, August 3, 2012

July 30th 2012

Well, I reached the 8 month mark today!!! (see the photo hehehe).

I cant believe that in just a few months I will have been gone for a year! It sure doesnt feel like that!

This week was interesting. For the past two months,  we have been living alone in our house, just one companionship of elders, but this week, two more elders got transferred to work in our area with us and live in our house. It is kinda cool, cause one of the elders was my trainer, Elder Nickel. He is going back home in two weeks and so he is really "trunky" hahaha and making everyone else trunky with him!!! 

We taught one of Gabriel's friends this week, her name is Gadia. The first lesson with her was AWESOME. We presented the Book of Mormon and she looked at it and told us that it "looked familiar to her". like she had already seen it before, but when we asked her, she swore she had never heard of it. She read it and prayed about it that night. she told me that at 2am the next morning, she woke up and couldnt get the Book out of her head. So she just kept reading. She said that she had the nicest feeling of peace come over her that she had never felt before. She knows that this Church is true. She accepted a baptismal date for the 11th. Then she said that absolutely she will go to church with us on Sunday, and she was there yesterday! She even brought one of her friends!! And her friend loved the church meetings. We will visit them again tonight. but it was SUCH  a blessing and an answer to my prayers to find this investigator! 

This week we worked a lot with the members inactives and helped to strenghthen the ward here. We also had the privelege to help with the Church's Helping Hands project in Brazil. It was a really rewarding experience.

Well, things are going great now! I LOVE my mission and am so grateful to be here, no matter how hard it is or gets.

You are all in my prayers. Love you!

-Elder Spencer Eastwood
Mosiah 25:24
Mosiah 18:9

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