Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13th, 2011. First email from the Brazil MTC

Hi Everyone! Greetings from Brazil! Sao Paulo is really cool! Its like
a cross between New York City and Newport Beach. There are buildings
everywhere. You would not believe how many people are here. It is
packed. So many people. But the city is really green too. Like, you´ll
see lots of buildings and stuff, but then there are tons of trees too.
I found a picture printing place up the street here and am gonna try
to get some printed later today. Then I´ll mail them to you guys so
you can all see all this cool stuff here in Brazil!
The food is pretty
good, literally beans and rice every day! And its always the same
kinds of beans and rice. So that gets boring. And for lunch and dinner
we get a different kind of meat, that is always pretty good. They dont
season their meet with anything but salt. But the best part is just
all the awesome fresh fruit we have!!!! Seriously!!! Watermelon and
pineapple and mangoes and passion fruit and guava every day!!! Its so
amazing. I LOVE IT. Although, the watermelon we are recommended to not
eat....because they pump it full of their own water to make them
bigger...and the water here is NOT purified. So if you eat the
watermelon, you get diarrhea till Easter ;) The pineapple is amazing
here, though. Its the best thing Ive ever had!

The Portuguese is coming along well. Its
only my third week learning it, so its still pretty difficult. But it
is fun to learn it! There are some similarities to English, but for
the most part, everything I know about the English language gets
thrown out the window. Portuguese is cool. Tomorrow, we are having a
English Fast. We will not be using any English all day. Its going to
be one of our quieter days, hahaha :) To be honest, I feel like I
learned more at the Provo MTC. The teachers there always showed up on
time. here, they often don´t come, and we end up studying and teaching

weather was SO HOT the day that we landed. It was hot and humid. The
first few days I was sweating like a pig and I had to take two showers
and change my clothes a lot. But now, Im used to the weather. Its
really, really, REALLY nice. There´s always a cool breeze blowing
through. Its so nice and sunny. Except when it rains. Let me tell you,
you´ve never seen rain until you´ve seen it in Brazil. It just comes
down and down. Once it starts, it doesnt stop till like 10 at night.
Its crazy. And it´ll go from a awesomely bright day, to just straight
pouring rain in seconds!

Well, we went to the Sao Paulo Temple today and it
is the coolest temple! Everything is in portuguese, which was kinda
hard, but overall, I felt the Spirit in this temple moreso than in any
other temple Ive ever visited! Going to the temple as a missionary is
such a blessing. I can literally feel the Lord in there with me,
comforting me, lifting me up, and letting me know that He is proud of
me. It is such a good feeling.

Well, I hope everything is going okay
back home! I miss you all like crazy! Dad, I am trying to find out
where the Harley store is in São Paulo, but I don´t know if it is
close enough for me to visit. I may just have to get you guys shirts
and the jacket pins when I get to Goiânia! Oh, after the temple we
went to a WalMart here. It was crazy! Everything is in Reals, and they
dont have tax here so if it says its 10 Reals, its exactly 10! Pretty
cool. I got some American candy that I have been craving ;)

I love you
all so much! I miss you a ton too. I think about you every day and
always keep you in my prayers! Have a great week! Write me a lot! I
love you! :)

Love, Elder Spencer David Eastwood

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