Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spencer's Christmas 2011 email!

So I know you are all wondering what my Christmas was like! It was
actually very fun! On Christmas Eve, we got to sleep in till 8am,
which doesnt sound like much, but it was actually very nice! A great
break from getting up at 630 every day and working all day! After
that, we got to have pancakes and cinnamon rolls for breakfast! That
was really nice! Then, we had free time all day. I wrote some letters
and stuff. Did you guys ever get the package full of pictures I sent?
I Hope so. After that, we went and played basketball. About an hour
into the game, President Clark and his wife came down to say hi. Pres.
Clark was watching us play basketball and he came over to my friend
and I and said, `Im going to go put my shorts on and show you boys how
this game is played!` Sure enough, he came back and played basketball
with us! It was really cool. He is a very nice person. He and his wife
are ending their mission in the middle of January and then we will be
getting a new MTC President. Christmas Eve night we had a devotional.
No apostles came this christmas, which was unfortunate. It was all
because of the visa situation! That stinks! But Christmas was still
good. The brazilians really celebrate Christmas eve more than the
actual day. There was TONS of fireworks that night. Like, we couldnt
go to sleep till like 2am. On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened
presents. My present was just great mom! So much good candy! I was
very happy to have that! Then we went to church and then we just had
free time all day. Christmas night we got to watch the First
Presidency christmas devotional. Pres. Monson said `When we keep the
spirit of christmas with us, we keep the spirit of christ. That is so
true and I especially felt that this christmas. It was hard to be away
from home. But this Christmas was the first one I had that wasnt all
about presents, Santa Claus, and other traditions. This christmas was
all about the Savior. And it was really good.

The best gift I got this christmas? I
gained the strongest testimony of the book of mormon. I had a goal to
finish it by the end of December and I actually did it! I know that it
is a True book. Without it, we would not be members of this church.
The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion. If the book of
mormon is ture, and it is, then Joseph Smith was a prophet of god, and
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on
earth today. I know this is true because I have learned for myself. It
is my hope and my prayer that anyone who is reading this who does not
have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon do that which is
necessary to gain one. Read it faithfully. Pray to god to know if it
is true. And I can promise you as a representative of the Lord Jesus
Christ that you will get an answer. I promise you. And I testify that
these things are true. In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus
Christ, Amen.

Hope your Christmas was good! I feel your thoughts and prayers every
day. Thank you all so much for everything! Hope you have a good week!
Love, Elder Spencer Eastwood.

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