Friday, December 23, 2011

December 20th 2011

Bom dia everybody!!! Tudo bem!? I hope everything is going well for
you all up there in America. Things are very well here in Brazil. The
weather is hot, the food is still beans and rice, and the language is
still coming along. We have now officially learned all the tenses.
Past, present, and future! So now, I can tell stories and talk a lot
better than I used to be able to.

Im really getting used to the weather here. Its
going to be so weird having Christmas in 95 degree weather with 100%
humidity! The first day of summer here is tomorrow, so Im
reaaaaaaaaaaaaally looking forward to that, haha :)

The MTC is great. Ive made
lots of good friends. Our district leader, Elder Goodrich, is
hilarious. He and I have become very close. He likes to do a George W
Bush impression and I do a Bill Clinton and Barack Obama impression
and we just ´debate´ with each other all the time.

Sometimes, I get discouraged
though. The language is HARD. Its very hard. There are so many
different sounds and pronounciations and words and stuff like that. In
Portuguese, asking a question is the same as saying a statement. There
are no words for ´Will you´ or `do you` or ´are you`. So thats pretty
fun. Some days are better than others. But the greatest thing is
looking outside. The city of São Paulo is so beautiful. You know how
awesome it is to see a huge park in New York City (Central Park)? Well
here, its one HUGE city and tons of little parks and trees and
forests. Its like they built the city around the jungle. Its really
morning we drove to the temple and it was interesting to see more of
the city. On the left side of the freeway was the `wealthy`part of the
city. All the big buildings, businesses, nice apartments, shopping,
and etertainment and stuff like that. On the right side of the
freeway, however, was the favelas. It was sad to see. They are so
crowded and the `houses` are made out of trash, wood, cardboard, and
metal scraps from off the side of the road. Its interesting to see
that contrast.
temple was really good this morning. Probably the best experience Ive
had at the temple. I went in with a heavy heart. This past week has
been a real struggle for me. Ive been very homesick, very discouraged,
and very stressed. I went into the temple with a prayer in my heart
asking Heavenly Father to help me. I came out with the knowledge that
Heavenly Father is aware of my struggles. He knows what Im going
through. He is here for me.

I know that Im here in Brazil for a reason.
It becomes clearer and clearer everyday. The Spirit is so strong with
me. I have a real testimony of the Church. I know that it is true. Im
beginning to love the Brazilian people already. I cant wait to get out
and share the Gospel with them and help change their lives. I know
that Brazil is where Im supposed to be right now, because this is
where the Lord needs me to be.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas!
Hopefully you get some awesome stuff from Santa Claus. Christmas
should be good here at the MTC. The President of the First Quorum of
the Seventy is coming to speak to us on Friday. And it is rumored that
a member of the Twelve Apostles is coming on Sunday night to speak
with us. Exciting! I love you all so much. Thanks for your prayers and
your thoughts. I feel them everyday. Talk to you next week :)

Love, Elder Spencer

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