Wednesday, February 6, 2013

february 6th 2013

Well this week was an okay one. We are still having trouble finding people to teach, but we did mark a baptismal date with an investigator for the 23rd. I hope that everything goes well. We could use some success. I feel like we deserve it!

We have been encouraging ward members here to help us in the missionary work as well as to travel to the temple. The ward and stake goals are different here in brazil, because of the distance of temples.

Daily Goals: Prayer (Personal and Family), Scripture Study
Weekly Goals: Attend Church and take the Sacrament
Monthly Goals: Fulfill a Fast and Pay Tithing
Yearly Goals: Attend the Temple at least one time

It is a bit different than back home. Im grateful that my family lives in Utah and we are so close to so many temples. They really are the greatest blessing in our lives. I can't wait to get back and be able to go serve at the temple again! I miss it a lot.

Well, I don't know why I am so HAPPY! I'm, like, tired all the time. But I'm still so happy! I love being able to serve the people here and I will be sad when I leave them. 

I have been studying the Doctrine and Covenants a lot lately and I really like Section 138 that talks about the Spirit World. It is interesting to think about what will happen when we die. We taught a lesson about this this past week. A family who has their grandmother in the hospital told us that she was scared to die. But really, we don't need to be - and we shouldn't be - scared to die. It is just another step in the journey of our lives. And after death, in the spirit world, everything is going to be so much better than it is here! We aren't going to have to worry about the problems we have here on earth. And we won't have to worry about our bodies - if we are too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny. It is such a blessing we have to be here on earth right now, but it will be a great blessing to be able to return to our father in Heaven again!

Last night we had a family home evening where we made this soup called "Tacacá" is this weird Indian soup from the northern part of Brazil. It has this weird gummy stuff (that looks like boogers) and shrimp and this leaf called "jambu" that makes your mouth fall asleep. I included the pictures in the attachment!

And below is a pic of me when I went to Burger King with Elder Reis last week!

Love you guys! -Spencer.

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