Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17th 2013

Hey family! How YOU doin'? (I miss Friends...hahaha...speaking of that, this week, we helped a family move a couch...I remembered Ross screaming "PIVOT!!! PIVOT!!" and started doing that, but everyone looked at me funny and thought I was crazy.)

This week was very hot...we worked very hard. It was a real faith builder for me. We have been trying hard to find a family to be able to baptize at the end of the month. Every night, my companion and I would pray specifically to find a family the next day. We always asked Heavenly Father to lead us to the honest in heart who are ready to accept the gospel. The next day, we would leave to go working with a prayer in our hearts and every single day this week we found a family. Then we started praying to help them get to church. Unfortunately, not one of them went to church. I know that the Lord is testing my faith. It is funny how everything that happens to us is a test of our faith and knowledge of the gospel.

I could have very well gotten upset at Heavenly Father for not helping us bring the families to church, but instead, I took it as a learning experience, especially about the importance of prayer. Something interesting is that when we pray, we are praying in the name of Jesus Christ...that means that our mind is His mind and our desires should be His desires, not the other way around. We have to remember that prayer is not to change God's will, but to secure for ourselves the blessings He is already willing to give us, but that we have to pray and ask for in order to receive.

Sacrament meeting is such a great time for us to reflect on ourselves and reflect on our relationship with Heavenly Father and how we are applying the Atonement in our lives. I received some very personal revelation at church yesterday and I am very grateful that I am so close to the Spirit and am able to receive, recognize, and cherish revelation.

Love you guys! Have a great week!
-Elder Spencer D. Eastwood

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