Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd 2013

Hey guys! How are things back home?
I am doing very well here in Brazil. The time is flying by! It has now been two months since I left my last area - I miss it a lot and I miss all my friends there, but the time is going by fast and I know that soon I will be able to see them all again. I got my "Official" Release Date this past week: November 4th, 2013! It is really coming to an end. How grateful I will always be for the blessing I have had to serve honorably as a full-time missionary. My testimony has grown so much in the past year and eight months. It has gone by way too fast! I remember when I first got on my mission, how hard it was, how much difficulty I had in learning the Portuguese language...and then once I got it down, I had that trial with the infection in my leg.
Looking back on it now, I see that the Lord was truly testing me and helping me to know how to work harder and how important it is to never give up. He will always help us as we strive to do what is right. He is ever by our side. I know this from personal experiences. The Lord's angels are working with us every minute of the day. Not just protecting us from danger and from temptation, but literally working side by side with us in this sacred work. I have seen their work and I have seen angels in the form of wonderful people who have changed my life for the better.
We are currently teaching a wonderful family that we found about two weeks ago. They went to the church for the first time yesterday and were so very excited to be there. The members were very inspired and motivated to see some success in the branch. I feel like things are just going to get better and better from here! I am grateful for the strong testimonies that the members of the Church in Brazil have.

I am grateful for the prayers that you offer for me. I know for a fact that because of your prayers, I am being blessed and protected and led to do what is right. I can't thank you enough! Know that you are always in mine :)
I love you!
-Elder Spencer D. Eastwood
PS: Maybe you should start a U2 marathon in my honor ;)

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