Friday, August 2, 2013

July 29th 2013

Hello family! How are things going??
I am doing very well. This week has been very stressful for us. We are teaching a wonderful family who has been prepared to receive the gospel from me...I am certain of this. Every time we go to teach them, we arrive without any idea of what we should teach....then the Spirit whispers to me what is necessary for me to teach to this family. The Holy Ghost is so strong during these lessons. That is one of the reasons that helps me to know that this family was prepared for me to teach them. And I am learning a lot with them too!! What a blessing it was for me to find them and teach them. We are helping to establish Zion in this city and I am certain this family will be a great addition to the Lord's work.
So, some fun things that happened this week:
-I walked from one end of the city of Rio Verde to the other with a picture of Jesus Christ getting baptized, inviting everyone I met to be baptized too. This resulted in some of the HIGHEST attendance numbers we have ever had at our Sacrament Meeting.
-I had to eat FEIJOADA again...which is a traditional Brazilian meal....some people make it good, others not so much...I remember it was one of the first things I ate here on the mission, and it had a HUGE pig nose in it...GROSS! But this time, it was just some pig feet and pig ears....I still don't like it...
-There was a huge Cold front coming in from the South this week. The temperature dropped to 40*F! It was freezing this week! I was NOT prepared for that!
-The zone leaders are traveling next week and so are some other leaders, so I have to stay here in the city and preside over all the other missionaries. I am a little worried about the responsibility, but am certain that the Lord will help me.
-I gained a stronger testimony of the Power of the Book of Mormon. What a precious witness it is!
-I gained a testimony of how important it is to have a picture of the temple in our homes. I hope you all have a picture of your favorite temple where you can see it every day... I know it will help you.
With love,
Spencer D. Eastwood

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