Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 12th 2013

Hey guys! The time is flying by! I can't believe it is already the second week of August! I was talking to some friends and I told them that one of my dreams in life is to get a picture taken of me giving Pres. Thomas Spencer Monson a high-five on our birthday!!! But one of my other dreams is to have Bono of U2 sing at my wedding, so I don't know how either one is going to work out....
This week was great!! We had one more baptism. The mom of a wonderful family that was prepared for us was baptizedon Saturday. She was so excited! We are preparing her husband and daughter to be baptized soon as well. We are all working very hard in the district to have more baptisms! I have been searching for what I can do to help the other elders. I had the idea to create a "School of THe Prophets", just like Joseph SMith did in the times of the restoration. Each week, we will study the life of a prophet and what leadership principles we can learn from him. I am very excited! This morning we had an awesome district meeting about following the spirit. The Holy Ghost was so strong with us at the chapel. While the elders were moving from room to room, I was sitting in the chapel listening to hymns play. it was one of the most peaceful and serene feelings I have ever had in my life. I am so grateful to have the gift of the Holy Ghost and to be able to follow His guidance.

This week I got called to serve as the secretary of the branch that I am serving in. This will give me more opportunities to serve the people here and to help them participate in the work we are doing! I am excited and humbled for the opportunity!
Also this week, a new sister in the zone got really sick. She is from Ohio and is still learning portuguese. She was really needing a blessing. At the time, I was right by their house and had the opportunity to give her a blessing in English. I am grateful that the Lord sent me to that area at that time so that I could be of service to someone in need. It is so great to know that the Lord used YOU to answer someone's prayer!
"Stand a little taller and be a little better.' - Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley
Elder Eastwood

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