Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th 2012

Hello everyone! This week was a great week! We are doing really well in our new area...lots of new doors to knock on and people to teach. We have two baptisms marked already for this coming Saturday! The ward here is great...and everyone is so happy to have elders in the ward. Yesterday, they had us bear our testimonies and everyone was really happy to have us there. 

On Thursday, Elder Stanley G Ellis of the Seventy of the Church came to our mission conference. It was really cool! One of the highlights of my mission so far! He talked a lot about prayer and faith. He also gave us suggestions on how to receive personal revelation and how to follow the promptings of the spirit. It was really cool cause the next day, we were teaching a lesson and the guy said he just couldnt believe that Jesus Christ appeared in the Americas because it doesnt say that he did in the Bible. The thought just popped into my head to ask him "How do you know that Jesus even appeared in Jerusalem?". I just kind of blurted it out. He answered "Because I read the Bible." Then I bore a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and told him he has to exert his faith and read it to know that Jesus Christ appeared in the Americas. Without reading it, he wouldnt know it, just like he wouldnt know that Christ really was in Jerusalem without reading it in the Bible.

This week, there was a group of new missionaries that arrived and Pres. didnt have enough trainers, so for this week Ive been training a new missionary from Brazil. He will be staying just until wednesday and then I will be staying with my regular companion, Elder Chandler from Elk Grove, California.

I cant believe how much better Ive gotten with the language! I keep looking back on how much I struggled and how discouraged I was and Im like, Spencer, why did you feel like that?? Look at how well you are doing now! It is really awesome to be able to speak a different language :)

Mom, I got the package with the picture book in it and it is PERFECT! Fits perfectly in my bag and had a lot of pics I didnt already have with me! Thanks for the Easter candy too! Cadbury eggs are AWESOME!

Well, that is about all for this week....the pictures I sent are from the conference with the Seventy, me eating a grilled cheese sandwich (yes, it is true), and a poster for the U2 360 tour I found walking around in the city!!!

Love you! Talk to you next week!

-Elder Spencer D. Eastwood

Mosiah 27:36-37

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