Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2nd 2012

Hey everyone back home!!!

Doin' well here in Goiânia! There were some changes this week...my companion, Elder Chandler got transferred and now he is my zone leader. Pres. Prieto called me and told me that he has decided I will be training one of the new missionaries that arrives tomorrow. I am excited!!! My first time as a trainer! So this past weekend Ive been staying with some of the other missionaries that are completing their 2 years and going back home today. It has been a good experience, because each one of them has shared with me their experiences from the mission and also shared advice with me on how to make the most out of my 2 years. Ive learned a lot and Im grateful that Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity!

The language is very well, I very rarely have any trouble and sometimes I even forget English words! It is so funny when I do that, because Ive spoke English all my life hahaha. Anyway, the work is good. I fasted yesterday to ask for help in finding more people to teach because it is really hard to not have many appointments. Then, last night, we found a new family with 6 people!!! And three of them have already been to the church! It was a straight-up miracle! Im so grateful that God answered my prayers.

Well, it is still hot as heck here. IT is getting to be kind of windy though, which is good! I get my new greenie on Wednesday and Im REALLY excited and Im grateful that Pres. Prieto trusts me with the responsibility of training a new missionary. He told me that the influence of a good trainer will be with the missionary for the rest of his mission. 

So that is about all for this week....nothing majorly exciting! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Spencer D. Eastwood
D&C 122:7-9

In Portuguese this car says "i miss my mom!" Spencer saw it while walking and sent a picture cause it is true!:)

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