Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th 2012

Well, this week flew by faster than ever!!!!! I remember when I first arrived on the mission, dad would always tell me "Make use of this time because it will be gone before you know it!". i didnt really believe it because I was having so many difficulties at the start, but now, I just want to try to keep all this time and memories that Im making!

As I said last week (sorry the blog email didnt work out, i hope you got it again), I have been called to be a trainer. Im training a new missionary named Elder Caballero, he is from paraguay and speaks Spanish! It is a little difficult, because he is still learning portuguese, so sometimes we dont communicate very well. The interesting thing is that he knows Elder Josh Quinn from our ward! He said that he talked with Elder Quinn on many occasions and that he is doing VERY well. Training is an interesting experience, because I passed many weeks since I was being trained. Now, I have to slow my pace down and help a new missionary learn the ropes of how to be a missionary! It is sometimes very stressful and I am doing a lot more teaching then normal. I lay down on my bed at night and just fall right to sleep. The only trouble we have is that he has some struggles being obedient, but Im helping him see the importance of this.

We have a baptism planned for next saturday....remember Hugo? Our recent convert? His sister has decided she wants to get baptized! Soon, we will convert their whole family! We also had the blessing of finding two more families, who live in very humble houses. The light that we brought into their homes was visible on their faces as we testified of the truthfulness of this message.

Well, my hair is getting long, I should probably get it cut. Im still losing weight cause we walk so much. I make smoothies every morning for breakfast with fresh fruits from Brazil! Today was pineapple, strawberry, and mango....what will it be tomorrow??? I got a package from Gma Joyce this week (thanks grandma, I loved it!). Thank you all so much for the love and the prayers you offer for me! I have felt those prayers and am most grateful for them!

Elder Spencer D. Eastwood

Mosiah 27:35-37
Hymns #140, "Did you Think To Pray?"

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