Thursday, April 11, 2013

april 11th 2013

Hey family!! This week was great! We had General Conference, which was awesome as always (I loved Jeffrey R Holland's and Thomas S. Monson's talks). We are so blessed to have living prophets and apostles to lead and guide us today! We got to watch the sessions live in our chapel here in Goiânia with all the other members.
The biggest blessing this week was the privlege we had to baptize a family in between the conference sessions on Saturday! Everyone was so happy and we had so much involvement from the members of the ward here. I am going to miss this ward a lot. I want to come back and visit them! I love the time that I have here and don't want to get transferred. I am getting nervous, because I think that transfers are coming up soon...
So this week we are preparing another person to get baptized. I am so happy and grateful that the Lord is blessing us so much. It is true that obedience brings blessings. That is what Pres. Monson spoke about at conference and I agree so much with him! When we keep the commandments, God is so much more willing to bless us.
I also learned this week that patience brings blessings. Sometimes, we have to wait for the things we want most. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy, or quickly. We have to wait for what we want most, rather than what we want in the moment. But waiting and having patience always brings the biggest and best blessings to us. How blessed we are to know the Heavenly Father will always make things right when we wait with patience and trust in Him completely. That is something I realized while studying my patriarchal blessing lately.

Love y'all,

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