Wednesday, April 24, 2013

april 24th 2013

Hey family!!

This week was a wonderful week. I just have one *awesome* story to share with you all:

So last wednesday we were out tracting, knocking on doors, and we were not having any success. There was even a drunk guy that threw beer at me and got my shirt all dirty and gross. We knocked an entire street without anyone letting us in. So, we decided to stop and say a quick prayer. Even though we were discouraged, we put our faith in the Lord.

We decided to knock on one more house. We sat at the door for a long time and finally a woman came up. I started introducing myself to her and before I could finish, she already opened the door and said, "Do you want to come in?" We went inside and shared the message of the Restoration with her.

A few days later we returned and she really opened up to us, telling us about her life story. She said that about a year ago her mother passed away, leaving her to tend for her two children alone. She explained that never before, in the five years she has lived in this house, had she allowed missionaries or evangelists or people from other churches enter her house.

The Tuesday night before we knocked on her door, she had a dream. Her mother appeared to her and said, "Tomorrow you will meet two people who will change your life if you let them". She asked in the dream, "Are they my brothers?" But her mother said no. Then she woke up.

The next day, she kept thinking about that all day. then, at 7:30 at night, at the exact moment we were saying a prayer on the corner asking for guidance, she said a prayer asking God to help her understand what the dream meant....Then...we knocked on her door.

We are helping her change her life around. this woman and her daughter are going to get baptized on May 11th!!! I am so grateful that the Lord performs miracles for us. I am also so grateful to be able to be worthy to receive inspiration from the Holy Ghost.

I am grateful for the priesthood. This past week I had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing. I am so thankful that God trusts me enough to hold his priesthood power and that I am worthy to use it to bless the lives of families who are in need.

So I have a surprise for mission president's son is going to the United States on vacation to visit their family in I am sending a surprise to you guys with him!!

He said he is going to stop by the house to take a picture with you all for me :) I am sending a picture of us so you will recognize him hahaha :)

Anyway, I am doing so well! I love my mission and I love all the people here that I am serving. I love the ward I am in and will be sad to get transferred. This is my favorite part of my mission so far!

The weather is great. The beans and rice are getting boring...I still eat a pineapple everyday. The other missionaries make fun of me, but it is my new tradition! I am teaching myself piano and it is coming along well. I am also teaching myself Spanish - it is going great too! I want to keep studying it when I get home and be able to speak Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

I think I am going to make cookies today. I haven't made them for a while. The other day we made french bread pizzas, brazilian style, and ate them with plastic gloves. Then we had a family home evening and I made crepes and everyone freaked out and thought they were the best things ever!

Song of the week:
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2.

Love you all!
-Elder Spencer D. Eastwood

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