Wednesday, May 15, 2013

may 15th 2013

Well another week has come and gone!
This week was a good one! We had two more baptisms, and then after the baptismal services, we had a talent show with the ward.
I did a skit about a missionary who gets a Dear John letter. It got lots of laughs. Then my companion put on a magic show. It was a fun night!
I love this ward! I hope I don't get transferred soon; I don't want to leave! I hope that I have made a difference in this ward.
This week has been tough on me. I got criticized a lot by other missionaries and other people. It is really hard for me when I am trying my best
and no one seems to appreciate the work I am doing. I am not trying to be prideful, but it is hard to keep going and work hard when you feel unimportant, unappreciated, lonely, and forgotten. But I guess that is what the Savior went through when He was here on Earth. It is hard to keep praying and fasting for help and not feel like you get an answer to your prayers. But I have learned on my mission that the Lord sometimes makes us wait so that in the end we will be stronger. I just keep telling myself, "I know He is there". Everything will be alright in the end. My mission is not easy; it never was and it never will be. But it is a great learning experience and I love every minute of it, even the hard parts. I will try to think positively as I always have - but don't you think it is SO difficult to be positive all the time when you feel like you're not good enough? Anyway, enough of the negative stuff.
Mother's Day was great! It was so good to talk to you guys. I was sad that the video wasn't working, but at least I got to talk to you. I keep joking with my friends, "Yeah you guys have one more phone call to home at Christmas...but the next time I talk to my Mom I will be able to hug her"! I miss you guys a lot, but I am going to take advantage of my time here in Brazil. I am going to miss this place and the people here a lot when I have to go back home. So I will work my hardest and do what is right!
Love you guys so much! Thanks for everything!
Pray for me :)

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